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Longhawl Brewing Company was founded by Paul & Kiantki in early 2016. Paul and Kiantki became friends in Switzerland around 7 years earlier, after leading remarkably similar lives earlier on, travelling the world playing professional sports – Kiantki played on the ATP Tennis Tour and Paul played professional Beach Volleyball in Australia and the US. A pair of long and winding roads, taking in some 80-odd countries over a period of 20 years, saw them both settle down in the same quiet village in central Switzerland, where they met through their Swiss wives, and soon became regular beer-buddies. 

Aside from all matters concerning Switzerland, the main topic of conversation was the finer things in life... - food, wine and beer . 


Slowly, a realisation came that the two


could make a contribution to the food and drink scene in their local area, and they set about finding a way to make it happen. Over a few beers, various ideas were floated (and sunk) as to how to go about making a mark on the local scene, with their Swiss wives swift to deliver damning judgment on any ideas that were too off-beat, or just plain stupid. 


It became clear that the answer was sitting right under their noses. Both guys had been avid beer-drinkers for many years and had fond memories of tasty brews back home and abroad that had no peers in the local area, and had followed the blossoming craft beer phenomenon in the United States. A couple of road trips back to Kiantki’s home town of Atlanta, Georgia sealed the deal – the choice, taste and diversity of brews on offer were something too good to leave behind, and the plans for Longhawl drawn up. Now we are ready to make our dream reality,' join us' before our wives think of a way to stop us.

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